Is Your Hand Sanitizer Really Helping or Are You Creating a Ticking Time Bomb?

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Carcinogen Found in Hand Sanitizers That Plugged Covid Gap

In an article by Anna Edney dated March 24, 2021, 7:31 AM CDT Updated on March 25, 2021, 9:18 AM CDT

“Some widely available hand sanitizers that American consumers snapped up last year to ward off coronavirus infection contain high levels of a chemical known to cause cancer, a testing firm’s analysis found. An assortment of hand cleaners that flooded into the market after mainstays disappeared from retail outlets contain high levels of benzene, according to Valisure, a New Haven, Connecticut-based online pharmacy that tests products for quality and consistency. Benzene causes cancer, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The World Health Organization’s cancer research arm puts it in the highest risk category, on par with asbestos. Valisure analyzed 260 bottles from 168 brands and found 17% of the samples contained detectable levels of benzene. Twenty-one bottles, or 8%, contained benzene above two parts per million, a temporary limit the Food and Drug Administration set for liquid hand sanitizers to ease the supply squeeze.

Hand sanitizer brands with bottles testing for the highest levels of benzene detected by Valisure

1. artnaturals 9. beauty concepts
2. Scentsational Soaps & Candles Inc. 10. PureLogic
3. huangjisoo 11. Miami Carry On
4. TrueWash 12. Natural Wunderz
5. The Creme Shop 13. clean-protect-sanitize
6. Star Wars Mandalorian 14. Puretize
7. Body Prescriptions 15. Hand Clean 100
8. Born Basic

Now, you ask yourself, what can I use that is both safe and effective?

Let me introduce to you a company that has been around since 1972 creating amazing natural health products, Nature’s Sunshine. They have a hand sanitizer that really packs a punch, isn’t full of carcinogens, won’t dry out your skin due to high levels of alcohol, and the best part is that it really works.

Now, I am not a doctor or medical practitioner, I do not diagnose, treat, or profess to cure anything. Always consult your physician when trying anything new. (If you trust them). Here is the sanitizer I recommend and you can find it at

Silver Shield Gel 20ppm – item #4952            BioGuard Hand Cleanser item #22673           BioGuard Hand & Body Cream item #22670

My wife and I don’t leave home without first having applied the Silver Shield gel to our hands and in her purse she carries the BioGuard spray pump. The pump is perfect for sanitizing those grocery cart handles, the gas pump handle and door handles leading into the restroom as well as the sink taps if they haven’t already installed motion sensor taps. After a day of spraying we then put a little BioGuard Hand & Body Cream to moisturize our hands after all the washing that you must do when out in public. Another great perk of using the Silver Shield gel is that it makes an excellent skin conditioner for after shaving. When you shave you are actually removing skin cells off your face, neck and your legs for the ladies, Silver Shield Gel helps restore the T-Cells and gives you a baby smooth feel plus reinvigorates your skin into a more youthful looking luster.

If you want more information about these and other amazing products by Nature’s Sunshine you can reach out to me either directly from the website,  or drop us an email at

Look for more healthy articles coming up on our blog.