Want to Know How to Impress Your Friends!

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How to Impress Your Friends

A complete dinner in 45 minutes (No Kidding) You invited four of your mates over for dinner, don’t panic you aren’t going to order that lame Dominos Pizza. Instead you are going to confidently prepare an awesome meal. Cooking should be fun and pleasurable not a chore. We are going to show you how to accomplish this and many more amazing recipes.

What You Will Need for the Meal

4 Organic Chicken Leg Quarters

3 Organic Yellow Potatoes (medium to large in size)

1 Small Organic Yellow Onion

2 Organic Green Onions

2 Cups of Organic Frozen Green Beans

1/2 Bottle of your favorite Organic Tomato Sauce

Olive oil

Avocado oil

Organic Fresh Dill

Seasonings: salt, pepper, savory, and a can of Slap Yo Momma seasoning

Step-by-step How to start

First – the night before you want to pull the skin off the leg quarters but leave the inner small membrane attached. Rub the leg quarters with a little olive oil and season with salt, pepper, savory, and a little Slap Yo Momma seasoning. Cover with plastic wrap and put into the fridge until tomorrows evening meal.

Next – It is one hour before your mates arrive. Don’t panic! Take out your 11″ skillet and fill the bottom with some avocado oil, (this oil has a high temperature flashpoint and is both safe and healthy to fry with), put just enough to cover the bottom. Put the temperature to medium high, (375F-425F). While your skillet is heating up wash but do not peel your 3 yellow potatoes, (don’t peel them because there is more potassium that a banana and more vitamin C than an orange found in that peel). Cut the potatoes into small cubes and dump them into a 4 or 6 quart pot of boiling water to cook.

While the potatoes are cooking, take your leg quarters and place them into the 11″ skillet, the oil should be hot enough now, and after that chop 1/2 of the yellow onion into small pieces. In another 4 – 6 quart pot pour 2 Tbsp. avocado oil put the heat on medium (350F) and toss the chopped onion into the pot to saut√© for 1 -2 minutes. After that drop in 2 cups of frozen organic green beans and 1/2 bottle of your favorite organic tomato sauce. Raise the temperature a little to make the sauce get to a small simmer. Now check your chicken it should be about time to turn the leg quarters over.

On the counter have one large bowl ready for the potatoes, and a medium bowl to pour the green beans into. Chop the 2 green onions, set aside for when the potatoes are ready. The chicken will be completely fried around 25 – 30 minutes. Remove the chicken from the skillet put them on a plate and cover to keep them warm. Next remove the potatoes, drain the water and place them into the large bowl, add the chopped green onions and add either olive oil or you can substitute with 3 Tbsp. mayonnaise. Season with salt, pepper and freshly chopped dill mix all ingredients together in the large bowl until combined well. Remove the green beans from the heat and transfer to the medium bowl.

In 45 minutes you will have completed this amazingly delicious meal. You want to serve it with either your favorite beer or a delicious white wine. The choice of course is yours.

Come back next week for some more amazing tips and recipes for the home.

Pofta buna! Happy Cooking!,

Your Healthy Cooking Coach Steven