Dish Drying Rack, 1Easylife 2-Tier Compact Kitchen Dish Rack Drainboard Set, Large Rust-Proof Steel Dish Drainer with Swivel Spout, Utensil Holder, Non-Slip Cup Holder for Kitchen Counter



About this item

  • 2-TIER LARGE DISH RACK: Our 1Easylife dish racks for counter with drainage can be divided. You can put the top tier on the countertop or in the sink, which is suitable to place different sizes or shapes of plates and lids. The plat bottom provides wide storage space for kitchen small pots, frying pans and various bowls. No worry about the counter mess at all.
  • INNOVATIVE DRAINAGE SYSTEM: The dish drainboard set has an integrated drip tray. The Swivel spout at the bottom of the tray can be elongated and rotated by 180°, helping to collect the dripping water to the sink efficiently. Included silicone plug will convenient you to place this plat rack anywhere to keep your countertop clean and dry.
  • RUST-PROOF STEEL DRYING RACK: Our drain rack is made of premium stainless steel, which protects against rust, corrosion, moisture, and scratch. In addition, the anti-slip foot cover at the bottom tier is designed to keep stable, not easy to shake. It is durable and rough, suitable for long time use.
  • SPECIALIZED STORAGE FUNCTION: Different from others, our large dry rack has 4 special anti-scratch cup holders, which help to protect your nice glass cups or goblets from scratching. The side 3-compartment tableware rack can accommodate all forks, spoons, chopsticks and other kitchen utensils. The dripping water will also flow into the tray directly.
  • EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN: The draining tableware rack is detachable and easy to clean. You only need to install it step by step according to the instructions and it will take you less than 1min. Enjoy a worry-free experience with our 18 monthly warranty. If you have any problems, please contact us at any time.

No worry about counter mess with our 1Easylife Dish Drying Rack

2-Tier large Dish Rack

Our dish tray drying rack is easy to install, just put all the simple accessories together and it will only cost you less than 1min. You can move the top plate rack to the countertop, which is capable to hold up to 9 plates of different size. The bottom is flat and is large enough to accommodate your small kitchen pots, pans and large bowls. The side utensil holder and cup holder provide space for your forks, knives, spoons and chopsticks.

How does Innovative Drainage System Work

The dish drainboard set has an integrated drip tray. The drip water of plate/bowl rack, utensil hold and cup holder will collect to the drip tray, then flow directly into the sink. If you don’t want to place it near the sink, you can use our extra silicone plug to block the hole so that it will be placed anywhere according to your convenience.

  • Innovative Drainage System: Comes with a stable drain tray, easy to collect the dripping water from cutlery/cup holder and then flow into the sink directly.
  • 180 Swivel Spout: The spout can be elongated and rotated 180° so it can be moved to any side of the drainboard to send water into the sink.
  • Anti-slip Foot Cover: The soft anti-slip foot cover keep the dish rack from scratching countertops and it is not easy to shake as well.
  • Widen and Deep Slots: The top plate rack has 11 widen and deepen slots, which is capable to put 9 different sizes of plates or small lids.
  • 4 Anti-scratch Cup Holders: The 4 silicone covers of this cup holder protect your glass or wine cup from scratches and breakage.
  • Three Compartments Cutlery Holder: The removable cutlery holder will help to organize your knives, scissors, whisk, spatula, forks and spoons.
  • Extra Rubber Stopper: We give an extra silicone plug, if you don’t want to use this drainage function, you can use it to stop water flow.