Dishwasher Magnet Ball Prevents Calcium build up, reduces amount of detergent needed



About Item

P R O B L E M : Hard-water spots on your crystal and dishes making you
nuts? Are you using more detergent, thinking that will get them clean? If you’re using
more dish detergent, then hard water also may be causing you to use more laundry
detergent than necessary, too.

S O L U T I O N : Use a Magnet Ball in your dishwasher and washing machine.
It softens water and prevents calcium and lime buildup. Plus, using the Magnet Ball
allows you to use less detergent!

The Magnet Ball prevents calcium from
building up in dishwashers and washing
machines, resulting in softer water and
requiring up to 70% less detergent.
Use on bottom rack of dishwasher.
5 cm x 5 cm x 6 cm / 2″ x 2″ x 2.5″

Features and Benefits Our Customers Love:
•Reduces amount of detergent required
by up to 70%, depending on water
•Prevents calcium and lime buildup in
dishwashers and washing machines so
appliances last longer
•Softens water
•Since less detergent is used, waste
water contains fewer chemicals.
•210 gauss magnet
•Covered in durable Santoprene®,
a rubber-like material
•Can also be used in toilet tanks
•Resistant to mold

Suggested Use:
• For use in dishwashers:
Place in bottom tray and use half the
detergent you normally use.
• For top-loading washing machines:
Place in the machine and use half
the normal amount of laundry
•Not recommended for front-loading
washing machines as not enough
water passes through the Magnet
Ball. In addition, use in a frontloading washing machine may cause
damage to the machine, due to
the vertical spin of these types of machines.

Did You Know?
•According to a study on laundry
detergent usage, there are more
than 1,100 loads of laundry started
every second of every day across
North America.
•Even with concentrated detergents
and high-efficiency washing
machines, many Americans still
use too much detergent.

5-year warranty