Knife Set, Premium 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block made of High Carbon German Stainless Steel with Knife Sharpener & 6 Steak Knives



About this item

  • Perfect Knife Set For Daily Cutting- 18 pieces German stainless steel knife set meet all the need of kitchen tools: 1xchef’s knife; 1xbread knife; 1xslicing knife; 1xsantoku knife; 1xutility knife; 1xfruit knife; 1xpeeling knife; 1xboning knife; 1xparing knife; 1xknife sharpener; 1xwood knife block; 1xkitchen scissor; 6 steak knives for a dinner party.
  • Ultra-Sharp Blade And No Easy Dull- The sharpness of the knife is the most important point for the cutting. Our knives is hand polished by craftsman with decades of experience, and the professional German high carbon stainless steel X50Cr15 ensure the long lasting sharpness of our knife. Meanwhile, this knife set comes with a sharpener, you can sharpen the knife regularly to keep the sharpness.
  • Ergonomically Pakkawood Handle- Our knife handle made from comfortable pakkawood, creating the perfect grip and good balance, so that you don’t have to spend too much effort when cutting ingredients. And the triple rivets of handle reinforce the durability and wear resistance, a knife set can be used for a long time.
  • Premium German Stainless Steel- Our knife set is manufactured from high-quality German high carbon stainless steel X50Cr15, it’s sturdiness ensures the functionality of our knife for a long time. The steel consists of 0.5% carbon and 15% chrome for adding the strength and durability of the blade; more durable, wear resistant, sharp and no rust.

18-Piece included in this beautiful knife set:

A chef’s knife (20cm/8in) –for chopping, dicing, mincing, and cutting.

A bread knife (20cm/8in ) –for bread, pizza, cake and tomatoes.

A slicing knife(20cm/8in )–for getting thin and even slices of meat from roasts.

A santoku knife(13cm/5in )–for slicing, dicing and mincing.

An utility knife (13cm/5 in) –for a range of foods; often a choice for the first knife as it can do many things.

  • A fruit knife(9cm/3.5in) –for cutting the fruits.
  • A peeling knife(8cm/3in)–for peeling the food that you need.
  • A boning knife(14cm/5.5 in)–for boning and filleting fish and poultry.
  • A paring knife(14cm/5.5 in)–for peeling, cutting, and trimming small items of food.
  • Six steak knives(11cm/4.5in)-serrated blade increases cutting efficiency.
  • A knife sharpener –for sharpening your knives.
  • A knife block –for keeps your knives organized.
  • A kitchen shear –for shearing some small ingredients.

Premium German stainless steel:

Made of German stainless steel X50Cr15, ensures the knife blade with the lasting sharpness. And the premium material prevents from dulling and rusting after longtime using, and never dull, blunt, corrode, tarnish or rust.

Ergonomically pakkawood handle

This blade of the knife is integrated with comfortable pakkawood handle, creating the perfect grip. This handle with ergonomic design will help you cut the ingredient effortless.

Six steak knives

Serrated blade of the steak knife can increase your cutting efficiency. 6 pieces meets your needs of family gathering or friend gathering.

Comes with sharpener and kitchen scissors

Using the sharpener sharpen your knife regularly please, keep your knives in great condition. And the multi-functional kitchen scissors can improve your food prep efficiency.

Wood knife block protect your knives

This wood block for our knife set keeps all knives organized without taking up too much space. And the wood block will also protect your knife from becoming dull or scratched, while avoiding the mess on the countertop.

How to maintain our knife set?

Don’t leave your knife in the sink. And please always hand-wash your knife with mild soap and water immediately after using. After cleaning the knife, wipe it with a dry cloth and put it in the knife block.