Santoku-Style Trimmer Trim excess fat and use tip for boning rib roasts, steak and fish. 4-7/8" Double-D®-edge blade.



About this item

  • SANTOKU-STYLE CONTOUR Sharp, subtly curved blade drops to a sharp, functional tip.
  • Exclusive Double-D® edge provides a clean, smooth cut every time and stays sharp longer than straight-edge knives. Can be factory sharpened.
  • Universal fit for large or small, left or right hands. Thumb and forefinger lock into place for safety and control. Fatigue-resistant design.
  • Blade extends full length of the handle for extra strength and balance.
  • With Cutco’s Forever Guarantee, we will sharpen, hone, buff, repair and if necessary replace your Cutco knives and accessories for FREE. No receipt is required.
  • Like all Cutco products, the Santoku-Style Trimmer is guaranteed forever.