Stainless Steel Baking Sheets With Racks - Twin Set - 2 Heavy Duty Half Sheet Pans for Baking with 2 Oven Safe Baking/Cooling Racks



About this item

  • Heavy duty, top quality stainless steel half sheet pan and cooling rack set.
  • The Racks: Recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, our unique strengthening crossbar prevents twisting and warping – 100% stainless steel with no artificial coatings or treatments, perfect for oven use.
  • The Pans: Created from thick, top quality 304 stainless steel with a rimmed edge and rod inside the rim, these oven pans are strong, heavy duty and non toxic bakeware.
  • Use them together for oven baked bacon or crispy chicken wings or separately to bake and cool cookies and cakes. The baking trays measure 13×18 inches with a depth of 1” while the racks fit neatly inside measuring 17×12 inches.
  • Dishwasher safe cookie sheets! No more hand washing required – unlike aluminum pans, both the stainless steel baking pans and racks are 100% dishwasher safe making both cooking and clean up a breeze!

Product description

Size:2 x Half Pan & Rack


Your New Favorite Baking Sheets!

Introducing the new heavy duty baking sheets constructed from thick, 304 stainless steel with a rolled, rimmed edge to reduce warping. These are not your everyday, thin, flimsy baking trays. These are heavy duty baking sheets which will last to be passed on through the generations.

The half sheet pan is teamed with our award winning (Recommended by America’s Test Kitchen), best selling, oven safe, stainless steel baking/cooling rack for a winning combination.

Use the large baking pan with the cooling rack inserted to cook bacon in your oven or for crispy chicken wings or baked vegetables, or use the cookie sheet alone to bake dozens of cookies and then cool them on the cooling rack – you’ll find so many uses for this baking sheet set.

Healthier and Easier!

If you want to move away from cooking with aluminum, stainless steel pans are the answer. We have finally created sheet pans for baking that are stainless steel, rust resistant and non toxic! We’re pretty happy with the results and we know you will be too.

Another great feature in choosing stainless steel over aluminum – it’s so easy to clean! Finally you’ll have a dishwasher safe baking sheet!

To recap: both the baking rack and pan are:

Oven Safe (temperatures up to 500℉)

Rust Resistant

Dishwasher Safe

Everything you want and more – grab yours today!